Is Miguel Cotto Suspect or Cautious?

January 13, 2006


At age 25, Miguel Cotto holds the WBO Jr. Welterweight Title. In a talent laden division, Cotto continues to fight lackluster opposition. In 2005 He avoided fights with Ricky Hatton, Vivian Harris and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Following his fight with Demarcus Corley, in which Cotto was obviously hurt and could have lost, many boxing analyst felt that Cotto has been exposed.

His next opponent is a 35 year old fighter by the name of Gianluca Branco. Although Branco is a tough fighter, he has seen his better days. Shouldn’t a young gun like Cotto be looking for larger fights? Or is his management team trying to avoid the problems that Fernando Vargas faced by moving up the ladder to quickly? Is Miguel for real?


Boxing’s Good, Bad and Ugly

January 13, 2006

With a new year upon us, I thought it would be a good time to review the best, the worst and everything else involving the sweet science.



Winky Wright – Great fighter, minus the ego.
Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo – Their first fight will go down as a classic. Boxing needs the third fight to be just as exciting.
Joe Cortez – The best referee in the game
Erik Morales – El Terrible is one of the reasons why boxing is so popular amongst the Latin audience.
Don King – He may be getting older, but he is still the best promoter in the business. Where would boxing be without him?
Maxboxing – The best boxing website on the internet
Dan Birmingham – Solid trainer. Good stable of fighters.
ShowTime Boxing – Al Berstein and Steve Farhood have always been great commentators. The presentation of the
show was lacking for a while, but it has improved.
The Contender – The show may be a bit corny, but people it has drawn interest in boxing again.
Ring Magazine Ratings – It helps to have a reliable rating system.



Women’s boxing – I don’t want to get into it…
Bernard Hopkins – I’ve always been a fan of Hopkins, but his immature and unprofessional conduct following
his consecutive looses to Taylor have changed my view of him.
Floyd Mayweather – Most gifted and talented fighter in the sport. Bad business decisions have prevented him from being the star that the sport needs.
Evander Holyfield – Please stop.



Larry Merchant – When will this man die? Obnoxious bore.
Roy Jones – Forget the fact that he keeps loosing. He is still running his mouth!
Norman Stone – I’m hoping we have seen the last of Stone for good.
Rocky VI – A 59 year old Rocky. Please give me a break. This foolishness should have stopped at Rocky II.
Audley Harrison – It took a while, but Audley has finally been exposed.
John Ruiz – Worst boxing style, worst corner.
Mike Tyson – He age isn’t an excuse for his bad conduct and performane over the last few years.
Pay Per View Prices – It’s crazy.
Retirement – Brain damage, depleted funds, exploitation.