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Is Miguel Cotto Suspect or Cautious?

January 13, 2006


At age 25, Miguel Cotto holds the WBO Jr. Welterweight Title. In a talent laden division, Cotto continues to fight lackluster opposition. In 2005 He avoided fights with Ricky Hatton, Vivian Harris and Floyd Mayweather Jr. Following his fight with Demarcus Corley, in which Cotto was obviously hurt and could have lost, many boxing analyst felt that Cotto has been exposed.

His next opponent is a 35 year old fighter by the name of Gianluca Branco. Although Branco is a tough fighter, he has seen his better days. Shouldn’t a young gun like Cotto be looking for larger fights? Or is his management team trying to avoid the problems that Fernando Vargas faced by moving up the ladder to quickly? Is Miguel for real?