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HITTERZ Pound 4 Pound

January 27, 2006

Every site on the Internet has a similar Pound 4 Pound list. They all copy off one another, so I decided to come up with my own list that deviates from the norm.

Pound 4 Ground Champ – Roy Jones Jr.

Most people who suffer humiliating consecutive knockouts with an addition of a loss by decision would be somewhat humble. If they decided to stay in the sport they would regroup and get themselves together mentally. Not Roy, he is still talking about himself in the third person and believes that he can beat Tarver, Johnson and most recently had the gumption to mention Oneil Bell’s name (Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion).

Pound 4 Pound Paper Champion – Miguel Cotto

Either this guy is extremely cautious or he is really scared. He currently holds the WBO Jr. Welterweight championship. He needs to get in the ring with some better fighters. He keeps fighting journeymen.


Pound 4 Pound Coward – Floyd Patterson ducked Liston as long as he could, but when they finally met, thug ass Liston knocked him out in the first round. Floyd left the arena in wearing a disguise that included a beard and mustache. My question is why did he even have that with him?

Pound 4 Pound Ring Entrance – As far as a I can remember, I would have to give this to Mike Tyson. His ring entrances have always been a part of his attraction. The menacing look, accompanied by hip hop music has been his signature.


Pound 4 Pound Hated – Jack Johnson.
America hated him with and unequaled passion. Even Black people hated him. America still hates him, gold teeth, bald head and all.

P4P Hero – Joe Louis/Rocky Marciano

joelois.gifMarciano with belt.JPG
America loves its heroes. Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano were heroes to many.
Although they would meet in the ring, with Marciano winning by knockout, the
humble champion would later admit that Joe Louis was one of his heroes and that he
found himself in tears following victory.

Pound 4 Pound Weirdo – Demarcus Corley

I’m sorry, wearing women’s lingerie is just too overboard for me. Getting your eyebrows waxed is another. He solidified his position as P4P weirdo during his entrance to fight Miguel Cotto when he wore a mask which hecreated himself. It looked like some kind of insect with implanted dreadlocks.

P4P Bad Behavior – Larry Holmes
Who can forget him jumping off the car and kicking Trevor Berbick. Larry Holmes was just an ill tempered individual. Great fighter how happened to be a bit on the ugly side.


P4P ThugSonny Liston
Sonny Liston was “gangsta” and he kept it that way until he was killed in December 30th, 1970. Liston was found dead in his apartment by way of a drug overdose. This was hard to believe since Liston had a known phobia of needles. Sonny Liston got wacked out!

Liston (airport)a.JPG

P4P Canvas Back – Hashim Rahman

His knockout suffered at the hands of Lennox Lewis had to be one of the most thunderous serious of punches I have ever heard.


Pound 4 Pound True Life StoryJim Braddock/Rubin Carter


The stories of both of these fighters is truly amazing. Both showed an amazing amount of courage, will power and strength outside of the boxing ring.



Forget the “What If” columns! Pick up EA’s FIGHT NIGHT, ROUND 3!

January 26, 2006

fightnight4.jpgCheck out any boxing message board on the net and you are bound to see a number of “What If” threads sizing up fighters who never had the chance of meeting in the squared circle. Most recently, came across a lengthly thread that positioned Rocky Marciano against Larry Holmes. These threads are interesting at times, but they are more than often biased and have no direction.

Why bother with this when you can find out what would have happened by turning on Electronic Art’s (EA) Fight Night. EA has positioned itself as pound for pound best in the boxing video game market. The latest in their “Fight Night” Series is entitled “Round 3“.

What makes Fight Night so special? Electronic Arts has done a good job of recreating the likenesses of boxers past and present, including the respective fighting styles, physical attributes and ring attire.

EA has been real hush-hush about the lineup on this year’s version of Fight Night, but the producer of Fight Night provided the following information:fightnight3.jpg

There are 32 boxers you can choose to fight with in the game. This year, we focused on getting the boxers involved in the biggest rivalries from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ’70s, ’80s and modern day. We have the classic Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta rivalry. You can fight with either Ali or Joe Frazier from the ‘70’s. We have the boxers from all the great ’80s rivalries (Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Duran, etc.). Then, there are all the great modern day rivalries like Gatti vs. Ward and Barrera vs. Morales — and even the most recent rivalries like Hopkins vs. Taylor. We really made sure the best boxing rivals are all in our game. Then, we also signed big name boxers who we did not have in the game yet like Oscar De La Hoya.

I’ve been playing EA boxing games since its inception (originally Knockout Kings) and with every release they have exceeded my expectations.
The next time you find yourself participating in a heated discussion regarding two fighters who will never meet, slide Round 3 into your game console and end the debate.

Boxing’s Good, Bad and Ugly

January 13, 2006

With a new year upon us, I thought it would be a good time to review the best, the worst and everything else involving the sweet science.



Winky Wright – Great fighter, minus the ego.
Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo – Their first fight will go down as a classic. Boxing needs the third fight to be just as exciting.
Joe Cortez – The best referee in the game
Erik Morales – El Terrible is one of the reasons why boxing is so popular amongst the Latin audience.
Don King – He may be getting older, but he is still the best promoter in the business. Where would boxing be without him?
Maxboxing – The best boxing website on the internet
Dan Birmingham – Solid trainer. Good stable of fighters.
ShowTime Boxing – Al Berstein and Steve Farhood have always been great commentators. The presentation of the
show was lacking for a while, but it has improved.
The Contender – The show may be a bit corny, but people it has drawn interest in boxing again.
Ring Magazine Ratings – It helps to have a reliable rating system.



Women’s boxing – I don’t want to get into it…
Bernard Hopkins – I’ve always been a fan of Hopkins, but his immature and unprofessional conduct following
his consecutive looses to Taylor have changed my view of him.
Floyd Mayweather – Most gifted and talented fighter in the sport. Bad business decisions have prevented him from being the star that the sport needs.
Evander Holyfield – Please stop.



Larry Merchant – When will this man die? Obnoxious bore.
Roy Jones – Forget the fact that he keeps loosing. He is still running his mouth!
Norman Stone – I’m hoping we have seen the last of Stone for good.
Rocky VI – A 59 year old Rocky. Please give me a break. This foolishness should have stopped at Rocky II.
Audley Harrison – It took a while, but Audley has finally been exposed.
John Ruiz – Worst boxing style, worst corner.
Mike Tyson – He age isn’t an excuse for his bad conduct and performane over the last few years.
Pay Per View Prices – It’s crazy.
Retirement – Brain damage, depleted funds, exploitation.