About Hitterz

My name is Nigel Clarke. I’m a photojournalist who has been with a number of Boxing newspapers and websites over the last few years. I have trained for several years in both Atlanta and New York City.

I decided to start Hitterz to create a Boxing blog that anaylzes the sport and allows open communication amongst fighters and boxing fans.

Feel free to contact me at hitterz@gmail.com


One Response to “About Hitterz”

  1. Anthony Says:

    What’s this talk about De La Hoya vs Pacquiao? Are they kidding? This is not a match that should be considered. Oscar needs to fight Antonio Margarito, if he’s out t prove something. Proverbially, pick on someone your own size!! Oscar can’t be in that bad a need of a payday. Where have all the fighters gone?

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