HITTERZ Pound 4 Pound

Every site on the Internet has a similar Pound 4 Pound list. They all copy off one another, so I decided to come up with my own list that deviates from the norm.

Pound 4 Ground Champ – Roy Jones Jr.

Most people who suffer humiliating consecutive knockouts with an addition of a loss by decision would be somewhat humble. If they decided to stay in the sport they would regroup and get themselves together mentally. Not Roy, he is still talking about himself in the third person and believes that he can beat Tarver, Johnson and most recently had the gumption to mention Oneil Bell’s name (Undisputed Cruiserweight Champion).

Pound 4 Pound Paper Champion – Miguel Cotto

Either this guy is extremely cautious or he is really scared. He currently holds the WBO Jr. Welterweight championship. He needs to get in the ring with some better fighters. He keeps fighting journeymen.


Pound 4 Pound Coward – Floyd Patterson ducked Liston as long as he could, but when they finally met, thug ass Liston knocked him out in the first round. Floyd left the arena in wearing a disguise that included a beard and mustache. My question is why did he even have that with him?

Pound 4 Pound Ring Entrance – As far as a I can remember, I would have to give this to Mike Tyson. His ring entrances have always been a part of his attraction. The menacing look, accompanied by hip hop music has been his signature.


Pound 4 Pound Hated – Jack Johnson.
America hated him with and unequaled passion. Even Black people hated him. America still hates him, gold teeth, bald head and all.

P4P Hero – Joe Louis/Rocky Marciano

joelois.gifMarciano with belt.JPG
America loves its heroes. Joe Louis and Rocky Marciano were heroes to many.
Although they would meet in the ring, with Marciano winning by knockout, the
humble champion would later admit that Joe Louis was one of his heroes and that he
found himself in tears following victory.

Pound 4 Pound Weirdo – Demarcus Corley

I’m sorry, wearing women’s lingerie is just too overboard for me. Getting your eyebrows waxed is another. He solidified his position as P4P weirdo during his entrance to fight Miguel Cotto when he wore a mask which hecreated himself. It looked like some kind of insect with implanted dreadlocks.

P4P Bad Behavior – Larry Holmes
Who can forget him jumping off the car and kicking Trevor Berbick. Larry Holmes was just an ill tempered individual. Great fighter how happened to be a bit on the ugly side.


P4P ThugSonny Liston
Sonny Liston was “gangsta” and he kept it that way until he was killed in December 30th, 1970. Liston was found dead in his apartment by way of a drug overdose. This was hard to believe since Liston had a known phobia of needles. Sonny Liston got wacked out!

Liston (airport)a.JPG

P4P Canvas Back – Hashim Rahman

His knockout suffered at the hands of Lennox Lewis had to be one of the most thunderous serious of punches I have ever heard.


Pound 4 Pound True Life StoryJim Braddock/Rubin Carter


The stories of both of these fighters is truly amazing. Both showed an amazing amount of courage, will power and strength outside of the boxing ring.



22 Responses to “HITTERZ Pound 4 Pound”

  1. Ed Cortes Says:

    How can you say Miguel Cotto is a paper champion? The guy has a better record than Ricky Hatton! Cotto also gave boxing lessons to Maussa, and have fought 4 former champions and 3 ranked boxers… Hatton… well, after 100000 fights, he made it at last.

    I think the Cotto vs. Castillo fight will prove that Cotto is not a paper champion.

    After that, I would like to see him facing people like Hatton and other welters.

    You’ll see that he is no Paper Champ!!!

  2. Karma Says:

    I like your P4P. It was an entertaining read and pretty fresh.

  3. Keesh Says:

    Great list. Glad to see Marciano as a hero, definately one of the greatest fighters of all time.
    I think you should include Mike Tyson as P4P psycho.

  4. j Says:

    Good list with one big exception…the P4P Coward. Floyd Patterson was no coward. He was a natural 169lbs (won middleweight olympic gold in ’52) who fought heavyweights and won. He was knocked down a record 22 times but only lost 8 fights…because he was brave enough to get up just about everytime. He got cleaned by Liston but got into the ring for a rematch only 1O months later. He was brave enough to rematch with Ingmar Johansson after johansson beat him and he knocked Johansson out to become the first fighter to regain the heavyweight title (he went on fight johansson again because he deserved the rubber match even though Patterson risked losing the title). He was brave enough to show compassion for his oponents (the famous scene of him helping johansson to his corner) even though most people think that being a ‘badass’ or ‘gangsta’ is the way a fighter should behave. He was brave enough to stand up to organized crime when he headed the NY State boxing commission twice with expressed purpose of cleaning up the sport. He was brave enough to battle cancer and alzheimers for 8 years before dying. He was brave enough to adopt the 11 y.o. traci harris (even though patterson had 2 daughters) just cause the kid had nothing and was living on the street and raise him to be the world superfeather weight champ. But I mean he must be coward right? A disgraced champion hiding himself from the public after a defeat? Definitely a coward….surely it would have been braver to die of an overdose (*cough* Liston) instead of regrouping and contributing something back to the sport and society at large. Surely only having fought 64 pro heavyweight bouts makes him coward. But, hey, I guess bravery isnt measured the way it was when I was a kid?

  5. liam Says:

    dont 4 get P4P terrier / ultimate scrapper manny paquiao wat an ace bastard

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  18. gonefishin Says:

    Should be blogging about something important, like the future of boxinging the USA…

    After the showing of the 2008 USA Boxing team, one cannot understand the poor performance that let down a nation. The fact that a team like China has a gold medalist and the USA cannot even get a silver medal is pathetic. How does a kid like John Paul Cullinane not on that team? Did he fight for Ireland? Is he still hurt? Why is Curtis Stevens a pro now? Despite some success, he should have been held out for these olympics. With a gold medal you can get greater endorsements and bring some respect back to this sport and country. If those two had gone and we had a real coach like Curtis’ uncle Andre Rosier, that would have been two automatic golds. I just don’t get it. With every decent or even poor fight on paperview, our children will not be watching the sport and it’s future in this country is severely in jeopardy. We should be sending our best, and clearly…we did not.

  19. JJ Collins Says:

    good stuff! The P4P cracked me up! Floyd really wore a damn beard & glasses!?!?! HILARIOUS!

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