Forget the “What If” columns! Pick up EA’s FIGHT NIGHT, ROUND 3!

fightnight4.jpgCheck out any boxing message board on the net and you are bound to see a number of “What If” threads sizing up fighters who never had the chance of meeting in the squared circle. Most recently, came across a lengthly thread that positioned Rocky Marciano against Larry Holmes. These threads are interesting at times, but they are more than often biased and have no direction.

Why bother with this when you can find out what would have happened by turning on Electronic Art’s (EA) Fight Night. EA has positioned itself as pound for pound best in the boxing video game market. The latest in their “Fight Night” Series is entitled “Round 3“.

What makes Fight Night so special? Electronic Arts has done a good job of recreating the likenesses of boxers past and present, including the respective fighting styles, physical attributes and ring attire.

EA has been real hush-hush about the lineup on this year’s version of Fight Night, but the producer of Fight Night provided the following information:fightnight3.jpg

There are 32 boxers you can choose to fight with in the game. This year, we focused on getting the boxers involved in the biggest rivalries from the ‘50s, ‘60s, ’70s, ’80s and modern day. We have the classic Sugar Ray Robinson and Jake LaMotta rivalry. You can fight with either Ali or Joe Frazier from the ‘70’s. We have the boxers from all the great ’80s rivalries (Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Duran, etc.). Then, there are all the great modern day rivalries like Gatti vs. Ward and Barrera vs. Morales — and even the most recent rivalries like Hopkins vs. Taylor. We really made sure the best boxing rivals are all in our game. Then, we also signed big name boxers who we did not have in the game yet like Oscar De La Hoya.

I’ve been playing EA boxing games since its inception (originally Knockout Kings) and with every release they have exceeded my expectations.
The next time you find yourself participating in a heated discussion regarding two fighters who will never meet, slide Round 3 into your game console and end the debate.


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