Morales gets to pass GO, while Judah goes to JAIL

arum_morales_275.jpgI recently read an article on Maxboxing where Bob Arum said that Erik Morales’s lost to Zahir Raheem was acceptible because of Morales’s past performances. According to Arum, Erik just had a bad night.
Morales is one of the best fighters in the sport. He is even better when you stand right in front of him. Zahir did the opposite and used a stunning display of footwork and handspeed to befuddle his opponent. What happens? Morales basically get a pass and is allowed to continue on with his plans to fight Manny Pacquiao.

I personally felt that this pass was an insult to Zahir Raheem. Raheem should be looking at a big fight or a rematch with Morales. Why should Morales get to tiptoe around Raheem?

Most recently, Carlos Baldomir upset Zab Judah in a fight that could have set up a superfight between Judah and Floyd Mayweather. Zab had a lackluster performance and lost a close decision. When you look at Judah’s history and past performances, he has had problems concentrating and may need to get professional help (other that Yoel) to help him concentrate.

zabjudahbelts.jpgIf Morales is given a pass, why not Judah? Judah really impressed me by thoroughly handling Corey Spinks. At the time, Spinks was regarded as one of the best fighters pound for pound. Why are Judah’s accomplishments diminished?

Why is there a double standard? Morales gets to move on to a superfight while Zab gets to move on to obscurity and mediocirty.


One Response to “Morales gets to pass GO, while Judah goes to JAIL”

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    […] Earlier this week, I wrote an article entitled “Morales gets to pass go, while Judah goes to Jail”. I guess I spoke to soon. ESPN reports that Mayweather-Judah will take place as planned. […]

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