Boxing’s Good, Bad and Ugly

With a new year upon us, I thought it would be a good time to review the best, the worst and everything else involving the sweet science.



Winky Wright – Great fighter, minus the ego.
Diego Corrales vs Jose Luis Castillo – Their first fight will go down as a classic. Boxing needs the third fight to be just as exciting.
Joe Cortez – The best referee in the game
Erik Morales – El Terrible is one of the reasons why boxing is so popular amongst the Latin audience.
Don King – He may be getting older, but he is still the best promoter in the business. Where would boxing be without him?
Maxboxing – The best boxing website on the internet
Dan Birmingham – Solid trainer. Good stable of fighters.
ShowTime Boxing – Al Berstein and Steve Farhood have always been great commentators. The presentation of the
show was lacking for a while, but it has improved.
The Contender – The show may be a bit corny, but people it has drawn interest in boxing again.
Ring Magazine Ratings – It helps to have a reliable rating system.



Women’s boxing – I don’t want to get into it…
Bernard Hopkins – I’ve always been a fan of Hopkins, but his immature and unprofessional conduct following
his consecutive looses to Taylor have changed my view of him.
Floyd Mayweather – Most gifted and talented fighter in the sport. Bad business decisions have prevented him from being the star that the sport needs.
Evander Holyfield – Please stop.



Larry Merchant – When will this man die? Obnoxious bore.
Roy Jones – Forget the fact that he keeps loosing. He is still running his mouth!
Norman Stone – I’m hoping we have seen the last of Stone for good.
Rocky VI – A 59 year old Rocky. Please give me a break. This foolishness should have stopped at Rocky II.
Audley Harrison – It took a while, but Audley has finally been exposed.
John Ruiz – Worst boxing style, worst corner.
Mike Tyson – He age isn’t an excuse for his bad conduct and performane over the last few years.
Pay Per View Prices – It’s crazy.
Retirement – Brain damage, depleted funds, exploitation.


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